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When you think of teenagers, do you think of lazy, punk, kids, who are spoiled brats and do nothing? I want to change your idea of teens. We're determined. We're motivated. We're busier than ever. We have dreams. Mine is to be a writer, and I'm working toward it.

Friday, August 18, 2006


Hello! Welcome to my blog. I was hanging out on Absolute Write's Watercooler, and saw how many writers had blogs. Also, many literary agents have blogs. I thought I might as well jump on the blogging bandwagon and talk about my life as a writer.

If you want to know a bit about me, I'm Megan. I'm fourteen years old. I wrote a novel about three gifted best friends, their eighth grade year, and the goals they are trying to achieve. It really is much more interesting than that, but I don't want to go into a longwinded description. At the moment, I'm querying agents about it. I have partials out with Michelle Andelman and Kathy Green, oh, and Michelle Wolfson. I forgot I sent it to her. I have a full out with Michael Bourret, but it was the full pre-rewrite, and it really did have some problems. I doubt he'll want to represent me. Anyway, that's a little bit about me.

Currently, I'm on the first draft of a YA novel. Not going to go into too much detail about the plot, but there's romance, tragedy, and it covers issues such as popularity, stereotypes, etc. I started it out in 3rd person, but I switched it over to 1st person, since that seems to work better for me.

Ok, well, I'm going to go back, waiting on replies from agent. I'm seriously not just going to wait around for them, or if I was, I wouldn't admit that, since it would sound quite pathetic.


At 8:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope your novel gets published! You put so much work and time into it! haha. I read part of it, too, and it is good work. Yes, you will be a famous author soon, and I feel special being the first comment. --Your Biggest Fan!! :)

At 11:10 AM, Blogger Kristin B said...

Found your blog on AW, and I just have to say, I'm impressed! To have partials and fulls out at such a young age...bravo!

I wrote my first novel when I was a year or two younger than you. So I know that feeling, and it truly is a huge accomplishment to even finish something that big at such a young age. Good luck, and congrats!

At 1:03 PM, Anonymous Razib Ahmed said...

Great. At your age, I was just a reader of newspapaper and listener of radio. I wish you all the success. I wonder about your classmats. How they react when they know that you are a writer?

At 4:26 AM, Anonymous Laurie said...

I wish I'd gotten started writing as young as you. I could be so much further ahead... :)

You might want to check out the Snowflake Method, specifically the first few steps, to help you come up with catchy blurbs to help sell your query letter/novel to agents/publishers. It might also help you crystallize a title better, if not for this story, then for the next.

Good luck! :)

At 3:39 PM, Blogger Simran said...

Hey Megan - keep up the great writing. Hope you get your novel published. Big accomplishment for someone who is only 14! WAY TO GO!


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